Primal Partner Program

Elevate your game with the unique Primal Partner Program and venture into the exhilarating world of affiliate marketing. Membership is absolutely free, ensuring you feel the excitement, not the burn. Sign up today and secure your product's distinct identity.

Every Primal Partner receives affiliate links to their unique product(s), each with its own distinct identity. Whether you're an influential figure, a dynamic blogger, or a social media powerhouse, our curated banners and tailored content are designed to complement and enhance the appeal of your products. Celebrate its uniqueness, share your product journey, and let the world appreciate its individuality.

Your engagement isn't just about promotion; it's also about rewards. With every sale, you earn a commission from the impact your product makes.

  • "Bearded Ape" and "Mohawk" (both AAPE and Queen) trait holders can earn a 12% commission on the Doc's Apothecary products.
  • All AAPE and Queen holders can earn a 10% commission on Hot Sauces and Doc's Apothecary products.

Embrace the power of your Primal Partner Program products. Dive deep into the program and share the unique story of your product. Let's spread the unparalleled flavor of your brand.